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Out of all the difficult legal issues that a person could face, family law is the hardest to handle. Family law cases are almost always emotionally fraught, making them difficult to resolve effectively. Because of the complications involved, the best way to handle a family legal issue is hiring a knowledgeable attorney like Nicholas Dial.

At the Dial Law Office, Nicholas offers a wide range of family law services, and he is prepared to assist with your case. Discover why Nicholas Dial is your top option for a West Des Moines family law attorney and learn about a few of his services.


Divorce is the most common family law issue for which people hire a family law attorney. If you’ve never been involved with a divorce before, you may be unprepared for the wide variety of issues surrounding this type of case. When a marriage ends in divorce, several things must be resolved, including the division of assets and alimony.

Nicholas Dial understands how difficult and emotionally draining it can be to undergo a divorce. He is ready to help make the divorce process easier and less-stressful. Working with Mr. Dial in your divorce means having a family law attorney in West Des Moines who can help you with negotiations.

Custody Matters

There is no more contentious legal issue than child custody. Custody issues can very easily result in hurt feelings amongst all parties involved, particularly the child in question. Negotiating a custody matter on your own is almost impossible, which is why you need the assistance of an attorney like Nicholas Dial.

As with his divorce services, Nicholas Dial can guide through custody negotiations and work towards your desired outcome. If you’re facing a custody matter, you need to be sure that you’ve secured representation from an experienced, compassionate attorney like Nicholas Dial.

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Family law issues, including divorce and child custody, are some of the most difficult legal issues that a person can experience. To make sure your family law case is handled the right way, you need to hire a West Des Moines family law attorney like Nicholas Dial.

In addition to family law, Nicholas Dial can also handle criminal matters, and works throughout the state of Iowa. Contact Dial Law Office at 800-603-6839.